Advent Calendar in Warface

2020-11-29 12:02:00


The Advent season is here, and we invite you to claim your daily rewards from the Advent Calendar. You will receive Christmas-related items that will help you to dive into the spirit of the upcoming holidays.

The Advent Calendar rewards will be available in the login streak from November 29 to December 24. Please note that the items you receive may differ from the overall schedule depending on the days on which you don’t log in.

Here is the line-up waiting for you:

Day 1
Новогодняя ACR
Christmas ACR (7 days)
Day 14

VIP Booster (3 days)

Day 2
Полосатый леденец
Candy Knife (7 days)
Day 15

IMBEL IA2 «Сияние»

IMBEL IA2 Radiance (7 days)

Day 3
ПП-19 «Бизон» «Злой Санта»
PP-19 Bizon Evil Santa (7 days)
Day 16

Новогодний Daewoo K1

Christmas Daewoo K1 (7 days)

Day 4

M40A5 «Сияние»

M40A5 Radiance (7 days)

Day 17

Новогодняя Alpine

Christmas Alpine (7 days)

Day 5

Новогодний SPAS-12

Christmas SPAS-12 (7 days) 

Day 18

Новогодний Cobray Striker

Christmas Cobray Striker (7 days)

Day 6

Новогодняя хлопушка

Christmas Firecracker (7 days)

Day 19

Новогодняя граната

Christmas Grenade (50 pc.)

Day 7

VIP Booster (3 days)

Day 20

VIP Booster (3 days)

Day 8

АК-103 «Злой Санта»

АK-103 Evil Santa (7 days)

Day 21

Новогодняя ACR

Christmas ACR (7 days)

Day 9

ПП-2000 «Сияние»

PP2000 Radiance (7 days)

Day 22

ПП-2000 «Сияние»

PP2000 Radiance (7 days)

Day 10

AMP DSR-1 «Злой Санта»

AMP DSR-1 Evil Santa (7 days)

Day 23


Gingerbread Gun (7 days)

Day 11

Убийственная сосулька

Icicle Knife (7 days)

Day 24

Новогодняя AS50

Christmas AS50 (7 days)

Day 12


Gingerbread Gun (7 days)

Day 25


Snowball (50 pc.)

Day 13

Новогодний Desert Eagle

Christmas Desert Eagle (7 days)

Day 26

VIP Booster (7 days)

The festive season is here!

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