Christmas Holidays in Warface

2020-12-24 15:48:51

Dear players!

Christmas is here. No matter how tough, weird and challenging 2020 has been, this is the most magical day of the year filled with light, kindness and new hopes. And we are happy to celebrate it with you, our beloved community. 

Thank you for your continuous support and appreciation. We work really hard to make your game experience in Warface most enjoyable and fun. Your feedback guides the game development and leads us to new summits. Let Christmas spirit reign the world tonight. Happy holidays!


Increased Rates

During the celebrations, your efforts in Warface will be rewarded even better. Starting from today, 24.12.2020 at 16:00 CET, and till 02.01.2021 at 10:00 CET, you will be able to enjoy increased rates, meaning that you will get +100% to the gained XP, VP and WF$. Have fun, level up faster and don't forget to give your best wishes to fellow gamers in Warface!

Ongoing Activities

The game now offers heaps of amazing new content. So during the festivities, you will have no chance to get bored. Let's have a brief overview of the events awaiting you on holidays.

Christmas Tree Contest

The Christmas Tree contest is live on Facebook. Submit a picture of your Christmas Tree with a sign "Happy Holidays, Warface" and stand a chance to win 2000 Kredits! 5 winners will be chosen on the 27th of December on our Official Facebook Page! Details.

Fragmovie Contest

Our traditional Christmas fragmovie contest is taking place on all platforms. Create a fragmovie, post it in the #contest channel on our official Discord server and get a chance to lay your hands on a shop weapon of choice! Details.

More Festive Content and Activities

Festive giveaways will take place on our official Discord server. You are most welcome to join in the fun. Stay tuned to receive cool items from our battle-hardened Santa. 

Content Creator Holiday Calendar

We, along with our partnered content creators for consoles, have compiled a calendar filled with videos for the holidays! So if you feel like watching some Waraface, show these creators some love and enjoy the vids. Details.

We hope you'll enjoy your time in the game. Let the Christmas spirit take over. Happy holidays!

Sincerely yours,
Warface Team

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