Changes in the Battle Pass system

2021-05-18 14:42:44


Today we have an important announcement to make. We are reworking our Battle Pass system. All future BP content will have the following changes implemented: 

The progression system has been recalibrated: 

  • The rewards for daily missions have been increased. 
  • Daily login streaks will now give BP points as well. 
  • Only the most active players will be able to complete the Battle Pass and earn quality rewards. 
  • BP points can now be gained as rewards through seasonal contracts.

The overall cost of content included in the Battle Pass exceeds 20 thousand Kredits. It includes:

  • The “Arachnid” skins for 4 classes (upon reaching level 50);
  • 10 permanent guns, including unique and season exclusive weapons such as the IWI Carmel and the SAI GRY LMG;
  • Charms / Achievements / Weapon skins.

Other changes:

  • Increased the number of BP points gained by winning matches. 
  • The price for purchasing a level has returned to 150 Kredits. 
  • The crate gained upon completing certain conditions in the Battle Pass has been removed. It is replaced with a special contract. This type of contract will be exclusive to players that have reached level 30 in the premium version of the Battle Pass. As a reward for its completion, participants will get powerful permanent weapons.
  • We’ve added the display of several rewards for a level. For example, players will now be able to preview 4 body suits.
  • You can now preview the looks of a skin on your character before acquiring it.
  • Currencies and grenades have been removed from the rewards. You will gain visuals, guns, and boosters.
  • Added an option to purchase the premium Battle Pass from the welcome screen.
  • Added a crate with seasonal content for WF$.

We hope these changes will increase your enjoyment of the Battle Passes moving forward. Please share your feedback in the appropriate channels, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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