New contracts "Siren" already in Warface!

2021-08-26 10:39:42


We are happy to announce four special contracts at once. Complete contracts to earn a lot of cool rewards!

We present to you a new agent, whose character can be described as an “untamable hellcat”. Sam “Siren” McGarrett does not exchange pleasantries with enemies, does not have friends, and in general is a very self-sufficient fighter. Her engineer skills are highly appraised by the entire teaching staff of the Navy Military Academy.

 Watch the trailer to learn more:

"Deep Dive"

For completing the tasks of this contract you will receive a lot of awesome items. Complete all missions and get a themed weapon charm!

You can activate the contract for 50 Crowns only once.


Receive these cool guns as a reward! Complete all stages of the contract and get a powerful shotgun SPAS-15 for 5 days

The contact is available once every 7 days. It will cost you 1000 Warface Dollars to unlock.

"Weapon of Revenge"

Would you like to receive the permanent version of the SPAS-15? Don't miss the "Weapon of Revenge"! You can also get many other great rewards by completing stages of this contract.

The contract is available for free. You can activate it only once.

"Dangerous Work"

Demonstrate your skill on the battlefield and receive great Agent Siren Box, and free crafting cards.

You can activate this contract every 8 hours for 500 Crowns.

Please note:

  • to complete some tasks, you must use a Moray weapons: Maxim 9, HX Outdoors Trident, VKS, Spas-12 Special;
  • the event will be live until 07:00 GMT (09:00 CEST) on September 10th.

See you on the battlefield!


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