"Heist" Update — Part I

2021-09-10 14:37:29


We are glad to present you with the first part of the "Heist" Update. Immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of a dynamic action movie with themed content! Naturally, there is much more content waiting for you. Hurry up to check out the changes in the game!

Please note: the second part of "Heist" update will be available later. We'll keep you posted! 

Main New Content

"Heist" contracts

New special contracts are already available. To activate the contract, a player should reach the 30th level of Battle Pass. 


M4 Marksman Custom

The model is a semi-automatic weapon that is capable of destroying the enemy with two impacts at any distance. It favourably compares to its closest competitors (the rifles H&K G28 and Cobalt Kinetics Twenty-Seven) thanks to increased damage and better rate of fire offset by a less spacious magazine and more modest ammo. The arm comes equipped with 5 unique attachments: a flame suppressor, two handles, a collimator sight, and a regular sight.

"The Big Score" Series

The looks of the models will remind you about the success of the mission - just look at the weapon frames and enjoy the detailed cutscene with the opening of the vault. In addition, the guns have gold inlays, which symbolize the bank's wealth and will appeal to those who like to shoot from eye-catching weapons.

Kalashnikov USA Komrad 12

The Kalashnikov USA Komrad 12 is an automatic shotgun boasting excellent specs. It favourably compares to its main competitors Uzkon UNG-12 and Typhoon F12 thanks to increased damage, great firing range, and impressive hip-fire accuracy, which are offset by an average rate of fire and modest ammo.

"Shapeshifter" Gear Set

"Shapeshifter" gear is equipment for hired robbers. It is essential for them to have good protection from bullets in shootouts with the police. The new gear has the best direct armour protection (more armour points for vests, and more damage absorption points for every shot); however, it is less appealing in all other respects since it features lower movement speed values, reduced number of secondary bonuses (for example, bonuses to recoil, spread and reload), and moderate health restoration, as well as a complete lack of armour replenishment.

In addition, due to the special distribution of armour points among the class vests of the set, it was possible to achieve an increase in the efficiency and value of the Rifleman on the battlefield - this class received the highest number of armour points. With the new armour, the Rifleman will be able to survive longer and gain precious seconds to complete the battle in his or her favor.

"Shapeshifter" Skins

The exclusive "Shapeshifter" skins offer a unique boost - they increase the overall sprint distance by 60%. The skins are the outfit of robbers who hide their identities with frightening masks. They instill fear in any opponent and are available in 4 class-specific versions: the mask of a wolf, a bull, a monkey, or a raven.

Weapon and Camo Series

The Battle Pass "Heist" offers brand new marvelous series "Heat" and "Mechanical". Themed camos set in the same style will be a pleasant cosmetic bonus for fans of the series.


"Heist" Weapon Charms

You will be able to expand your collection of available weapon charms with brand new items set in the style of the Special Operation "Heist". They will remind you of taking part in a sensational robbery and fleeing the police and special forces.

Battle Pass Achievements

Participants of the Battle Pass will be able to gain unique achievements and decorate their profiles with them. Earn all the distinctions and showcase your vault hacking experience at the most secure bank!

Technical changes

  • The themed screen in the main menu has changed to a themed "Heist" screen.
  • "Pyramid" and "Factory" maps are back in the game. 

Improving the situation with "freezes"

Technical problems with "freezes" have the utmost priority in our work. We direct a lot of resources to investigate the situation and find a solution. In the process of analyzing the problem, we found several reasons that might affect the appearance of "freezes". In this update, we have prepared a solution for part of the cases and have already implemented it into the game client. The rest of the changes are a work in progress - we’ll tell you more about them in the future.

Please assess these changes and share your feedback in the comments - this will help us in the next stages of solving the issue. We’re continuing to investigate the situation, studying feedback and technical data. We will also be gradually implementing new solutions that can solve problems with "freezes".

Solving the "kick" issue in Special Operation and Ranked Matches

We've seen all your feedback regarding the "kicks" issue and did our best to solve the problem as fast as possible. Unfortunately, it took longer than we expected, but we are happy to say that the majority of bugs causing this issue to happen were fixed. We are still working on the problem and will improve the situation with every major update, but we hope that your gaming experience has become much better! 

Good luck in combat!

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