Spooky Update Already in Game!

2021-10-27 09:22:13

Trick-or-treating has begun! The latest update brings exciting new contracts with excellent prizes, the festive versions of two PvP maps, special spooky items, and much more. The patch also features a "Heist" map for the "Blitz" mode. 

Halloween Contracts

Don't miss new special contracts! By eliminating enemies on the maps "Halloween Wars" and "Cemetery", you will get outstanding rewards, including themed weapon skins, equipment, marks, badges, and other items with unique spooky designs.


Complete all missions to earn the main prizes: the "Horror on Halloween" contract offers an amazing Crow Karambit while a creepy Dead Doll Charm is awarded for finishing the "Anger on Halloween" contract. These items will definitely make you stand out on the battlefield!


Please note:

  • To complete some tasks of these contracts, you must use Poltergeist, Frankenstein, or Halloween weapons.
  • You can activate each contract only once.
  • "Anger on Halloween" will cost you 10000 Warface Dollars to unlock, "Horror on Halloween"- 100 Kredits.
  • The event will be live until 07:00 GMT (09:00 CET) on November 15th.

Take your chance!

Halloween maps

Streetwars (Halloween Wars)

For the duration of the holiday, the Halloween version of the map will substitute the regular "Streetwars" in "Team Death Match".

Despite the festive mood, you’ll be sure to stumble upon plenty of zombies, pumpkins, caskets and other appropriate Halloween-themed attributes — the gameplay will stay the same. You’re tasked with eliminating enemy soldiers, and the first team to reach 150 kills (or to gain more kills in the given period of time), wins!

Farm (Cemetery)

The mythical, eerie Halloween version of "Farm" makes a return this season! It replaces the regular "Farm" and "Farm: Sunset" in "Team Death Match".

Take to the fields of battle set at a graveyard among the open caskets, moving scarecrows, flying witches, and pumpkin streetlights!

 "Heist" Map for the "Blitz" mode

The update brings the new map for the "Blitz" mode. The battle on the map will unfold in locations inspired by the namesake Special Operation "Heist." The main field of battle is an elite bank located in a skyscraper. The rules remain the same: you have to find and defuse a bomb. However, the task is not as easy as it might seem - the enemies will do their best to derail the mission and detonate the charge.


Take part in combats on the themed maps with a creepy atmosphere, use festive weapons, and get cool rewards! Don't forget to check out the project's social platforms and participate in themed activities!

Trick or treat?


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