Season "Snowstorm" already in game!

2021-12-09 11:13:44


The winter season offers a new reworked Battle Pass, contracts for the "Snowstorm" gear, four new weapon models and a weapon series that are already available in the Battle Pass!

Main novelties of the season

The seasonal update features several new weapons: AS Val Custom, OTs-14 Groza, MC 255 12 Custom, Mossberg 590 Custom, JS 9mm Custom, H&K UMP Custom, AMP DSR-1 Custom, as well as a new Battle Pass, winter holidays content and other novelties.

Battle Pass "Snowstorm"

Get ready to dive into the new Battle Pass!  First of all, we tried to make it easier to start the Battle Pass and speed up the progress at the initial stage. Now, you can reach level 30 and open contracts much faster.

Special contracts


AS Val Custom

It's an improved version of the good old assault rifle favoured by many. The weapon has received good combat specifications and will compete with the M4A1 Custom, AK-15 Custom and KAC PDW. The new arm boasts high damage multipliers to the body and limbs, a reasonable rate of fire and excellent damage. In addition, the assault rifle offers high accuracy and comfortable recoil, which increases the comfort and efficiency of long-range combat.

MC 255 12 Custom

The MC 255 12 Custom is an updated version of the old legend MC 255 12. The new gun boasts excellent damage, the highest range among Medic weapons and fast reloading. The arm is perfect for precise shooters since the combination of its advantages is set off by a low rate of fire and a drum taking only five rounds. 

H&K UMP Custom

It's an improved version of the H&K UMP. The new item has weak recoil, high basic and minimum damage, fast reloading, and increased damage multipliers to the head and limbs. Thanks to its serious damage and increased multipliers, the submachine gun allows its owner to kill enemies in the head even at medium range! The weapon will appeal to fans of well-aimed headshots and will become a decent competitor to the players' all-time favourite AMB-17.  

AMP DSR-1 Custom

The AMP DSR-1 Custom is an updated version of the AMP DSR-1. The new arm has improved looks and enhanced specs compared to the regular version. It sports high damage, increased damage multipliers to the body and limbs, fast aiming, and an excellent rate of fire. 

The weapon is already available in the seasonal Battle Pass shop.

Series "Snowstorm" and "Tundra"

Take control of the elements! With the new weapons, you will be able to withstand the onslaught of any opponents, and the cold steel of the models will help to harden the will and repel the enemy's attack without turning a hair. 

The "Snowstorm" series includes weapons and camouflages for the KAC PDW, Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima, MPA10SST-X Special, Steyr Scout Special, TEC-9 and Balisong Knife. 

The Tundra series comprises the Survival Machete, Makarov Pistol, Mossberg 590 Custom, Tavor CTAR-21 Special, AKS-74U and Mauser Kar98k.

"Snowstorm" Gear

We are glad to present to you a new set of "Snowstorm" equipment. It includes items for each class. The more set pieces you equip, the better set bonus you can get.

The new armour will resemble the "Apostate" set thanks to great protection from bullets. Still, it will surpass it in terms of armour points, HP restoration, and an additional reduction in incoming damage to the body, offset by a slow sprint speed and no shooting efficiency perks.

The "Snowstorm" gear is available in special contracts. Every player can activate them for WF$.

Achievements and charms

With a set of weapon charms and achievements inspired by the new season of the Battle Pass, you can decorate your favourite weapons and profile. You will receive new customization items when you unlock certain levels of the Battle Pass.

  • Updated the loading screen displayed upon entering the game.
  • The Christmas versions of the maps "Xmas Icebound", "Residence Xmas", "Phantom Zone" and "Xmas Oil Depot" are back in the rotation.
  • The music theme has been replaced with the festive one.

• Fixed a bug, due to which the game client sometimes closed in the fourth act of the Special Operation Swarm.
• Fixed a bug, due to which the game on Nintendo Switch crashed when entering the engineer's training.
• Fixed a bug, due to which it was impossible to use the assist mode when climbing onto an obstacle if the inner joystick deadzone was set to zero in the settings.

Good luck!

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