Warface Partner Program

2022-05-13 13:05:37


Our partner program is welcoming the console content creators of our community! 


Here are some of the benefits you can acquire as a partner.  

  1. Informational support
    Featuring your content on our social media platforms.
  2. Insider information 
    Sharing spoilers and previews with you, so your audience will be the first to see them.
  3. Meet members of the team
    Inviting you to participate in our streams and videos with the Community Managers and developers of Warface.
  4. Giveaways
    Various prizes are a great way to spice up your content!  
  5. In-game stripes
    Partners will receive unique Warface stripes in the game. 
  6. Discord role and channel as well as Reddit user flair
    Just like the PC partners right now, our Console brethren will have their own separate Discord channel and a unique partner role. And now, our members can get a special user flair on our Subreddit. 
  7. Guidance
    If you’re just starting out and might need some help, we've got your back! Our Community Managers will do their best to provide you with the information you need.


  • Streamers and video publishers that create weekly high quality content for the PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch version of Warface.
  • An applicant’s channel should not violate the platform's Terms of Service.
  • An applicant should be a positive member of the Warface Community and should not violate Warface Terms of Service or promote the violations of it.
  • An applicant should be able to speak English and have a Discord account in order to communicate with the Warface Team.                                         


  • Creators are expected to follow EULA and the Terms of Use, while playing and/or creating the content for Warface.
  • Creators are expected to follow the community rules on all Warface platforms, including Social Media and Forums.
  • Violating the Code of Conduct and/or Terms of Service may result in the creators' removal from the Content Creator Program.
  • Creator’s content must be compliant with the platform's Terms of Service (i.e. Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Facebook, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo etc.).
  • Creators are free to voice their opinions in their content but not in a toxic manner. They are free to voice a negative opinion about the game if it is done in a respectful and logical manner. Rants, overly toxic behavior and/or being negative for the sake of being negative may result in disciplinary actions including the removal from the program.

If you’re ready to become a member, just fill out the form below!

Apply now

Please note: make sure you put your correct Discord tag (e.g. Name#0000) and that your privacy settings allow for Direct Messages from members of the official Warface Server. Also please check that you’ve linked your channel to your Discord account in its settings and made it visible. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Community Manager Ashe (Alexandr)#9988 on Discord. 

We can’t wait to collaborate with all of our new creators. Welcome to the family! 

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