Legendary Weapon PvE Marathon: Typhoon F12

2023-01-12 11:39:16


The PvE Marathon in Warface is still ongoing. Starting from now till January 19, complete PvE missions on Normal and Hard difficulties and receive boxes with legendary Medic primary weapon Typhoon F12, now with mods!

Typhoon F12

The Typhoon F12 is a Turkish automatic rifle designed on the basis of the AR-15 platform. It features a large assortment of attachments that improve its characteristics: a unique silencer, suppressor, two tactical grips and reflex sight.

The model can now be modified. Mods for the Typhoon F12 give good bonuses while negative effects are negligible. The mod "Assault Mode" increases damage, rate of fire and magazine capacity, which makes the weapon a good competitor to the SIX12 AUTO-SD. The "Precision Frame" mod significantly increases its damage and accuracy, giving a chance to eliminate an opponent with one shot.

Every week, you will get a new reward. Thus, during one month, you can obtain modifiable legendary guns for each class, except for the SED. Stay tuned for a new event stage!

Marathon schedule:

  • January 12-19 — Typhoon F12 for the Medic;
  • January 19-26 — Kriss Super V Custom for the Engineer;
  • January 26-February 2 - AK Alpha for the Rifleman.

Have fun and good luck with the boxes! See you in the game!

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