New Battle Pass "Legends" already in game!

2023-05-18 14:30:48


The "Legends" Battle Pass is now available in the game! In the Pass, you will find new weapons of the "Undead" series which are all available through contracts, 10,000 parts, unique class achievements, and much more.

Rewards and Progression

Through the BP contracts, you can get 4 powerful weapons from the "Undead" series: the SA Hellion assault rifle, the Benelli M2 SP rifle, the Vigilance Rifles A-M20 submachine gun and the Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle. And if you haven’t noticed, the "Undead" weapon series is a direct reference to the legendary special operation "Cyber Horde".

Just as in the previous season, among the usual rewards you can get for reaching certain BP levels, you can get parts for upgrading your mods. In sum, you can earn up to 10,000 parts.

Main Battle Pass Rewards

SA Hellion

The SA Hellion is the Springfield Armory's version of the Croatian 5.56 bull-pup rifle, VHS-2. The novelty offers high base damage, good range and a high rate of fire. You can also install mods on this rifle (including unique ones). In addition, the weapon displays a unique inspection animation while idle.

The first mod significantly increases the magazine capacity without any negative effects. The second — increases damage by 55 points, reduces the rate of fire by 30%, slightly increases the recoil and reduces accuracy.

Benelli M2 SP

This is a semi-automatic rifle developed by the Italian company Benelli Armi and originally intended for shooting competitions. Along with its high damage and excellent rate of fire, as well as a spacious magazine, this novelty has an interesting feature, namely the sport reload, which allows you to load 2 rounds at a time.

You can install mods on the novelty, including unique ones. One of them significantly increases the damage and accuracy, and reduces the rate of fire along with the total number of pellets. The second mod significantly increases the number of pellets in each shot, but in exchange reduces their damage, range and accuracy.

Vigilance Rifles A-M20

The Vigilance Rifles A-M20 developed by the Vigilance Rifles company is an Engineer primary. It sports excellent base and minimum damage, high rate of fire, good range and a fast reload.

The weapon can be used with mods, including unique ones. The first mod increases the magazine capacity and rate of fire, however reduces the reload speed, and increases recoil. The second mod increases the overall damage and the damage multiplier to the head, while reducing the rate of fire.

Barrett M82A1

The Barrett M82A1 is a bolt-action sniper rifle. It has excellent damage indicators, high aiming speed, as well as unique attachments — a silencer, a bipod and a scope.

The Barrett M82A1 is very similar in performance to the AWP, thanks to its high damage and very low rate of fire. The weapon differs from the competitor through its shooting mechanics and has a silencer that does not reduce its characteristics, as well as a unique bipod that increases the rate of fire in the prone position. The arm has a unique digital sight with a compass, rangefinder and a display that shows the angle of inclination, the system time and the number of eliminated opponents.


You can earn up to 10,000 parts in the new Battle Pass main progression, and use them to purchase and upgrade mods.

Battle Pass Contracts

Upon reaching the 30th BP level, you'll unlock four different class-specific contracts that yield increased BP XP, as well as the SA Hellion assault rifle, the Benelli M2 SP rifle, the Vigilance Rifles A-M20 submachine gun, and the Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle from the "Undead" series as the ultimate reward. On top of that, a contract with a seasonal random box offering powerful weapons is available as well. 


Level Reward Access Type Level Reward Access Type
1 Survivor Mateba Autorevolver Premium 26 "Cyborg Head" Сharm Free
2 "Cyborg Tissue" Stripe Free 27 "Undead" Skin for Makarov Pistol Premium
3 "Survivor" Skin for AK Alpha Premium 28 Ressurection Coins (25 pcs.) Premium
4 Ressurection Coins (25 pcs.) Premium 29 "Revive Button" Badge Free
5 Portable EMP Charm Free 30 VIP Booster (7 d.) Premium
6 Parts (1,000 pcs.) Premium 31 "Undead" Skin for IMBEL IA2 Assault Free
7 "Survivor Assault" Badge Free 32 Parts (2,500 pcs.) Premium
8 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 33 Ressurection Coins (25 pcs.) Premium
9 "Cyber Eye" Mark Free 34 "Undead" skin for SIG 552 Commando Free
10 "Survivor" Skin for Kriss Super V Custom Premium 35 VIP Booster (7 d.) Premium
11 Parts (1,500 pcs.) Premium 36 "Cyborg Hand" Charm Premium
12 "Survivor Medic" Badge Free 37 Ressurection Coins (25 pcs.) Free
13 Ressurection Coins (25 pcs.) Premium 38 "Survivor's Plank" Stripe Premium
14 "Survivor" Skin for CDX-MC Kraken Premium 39 VIP Booster (7 d.) Premium
15 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 40 "Survivor" Skin for Barrett M82A1 Free
16 "Cyborg Bulb" Charm Premium 41 "Spare Part" Charm Premium
17 "Survivor Engineer" Badge Free 42 "Cyborg Bulb" Mark Premium
18 Ressurection Coins (25 pcs.) Premium 43 Mega VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium
19 "Survivor" Skin for Typhoon F12 Premium 44 "Undead" Skin for VEPR VPO-X3 Free
20 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 45 Parts (3,000 pcs.) Premium
21 Ressurection Coins (25 pcs.) Premium 46 Ressurection Coins (25 pcs.) Free
22 "Survivor Sniper" Badge Free 47 "Undead" Skin for Mauser C96 Custom Premium
23 "Undead" Skin for Black Hawk Premium 48 Mega VIP booster (3 d.) Premium
24 VIP Booster (3 d.) Premium 49 "Battle-Worn Tag" Badge Premium
25 Parts (2,000 pcs.) Premium 50 Survivor Cleaver Premium

New achievements

New charms


Cyborg Bulb

Cyborg Head

Cyborg Hand

Spare Part

Weapons and skins

See you in the game!

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