Update and Event Now in Game!

2023-06-01 10:22:48


An update has been installed on the game servers. In it, you’ll find the “Challenge” event dedicated to Warface Day, a new assault rifle HK433, and a set of the character Ursula Ellis that will become available later, along with a number of bug fixes.

New Content

Event “Challenge”

We'd like to present to you a festive in-game activity with lots of rewards you can get for participating. Before rushing into battle, you'll have to choose which side to fight on — Warface or Blackwood. Choose wisely as it'll affect the rewards you get in the end. After making the decision, try and earn as many points for the chosen team and do your best, together, to get the unique rewards!

More about the Event

Available Soon


The HK433 is a German modular assault rifle fit for 5.56x45 bullets. It has a number of characteristics similar to the G36 and the HK416. This rifle was first introduced in 2017 and is branded as a universal, highly reliable weapon.

The HK433 offers a good combination of specs: high base and minimal damage, high fire rate and accuracy, as well as increased damage multipliers to the head and the extremities. The rifle has a number of unique attachments.

You can install mods on it, unique ones included. The first one increases reload speed by swapping the magazine to a smaller one, and you can unlock it on the second mastery level. The second mod changes the firing mode to bursts-of-3 and boosts damage, whereas the fire rate gets reduced, and the recoil – increased.

The golden version offers better fire rate and a more spacious magazine.

Ursula Ellis Suit

Ursula Ellis is a young woman, a helicopter pilot, born in East London. Soon she will share her story. Until then, let's have a look at the contents of her themed set. There you'll find the Ursula Ellis Suit, the HK433, the Buckled Lupara and the Khopesh of the new "Rainforest" series, as well as camos for those models, an achievement set, and a "Pilot's Helmet" weapon charm.

As always, the themed charater-related items will be available via special contracts, the launch of which we will announce later.

Content Changes

Weapons and Gear

  • SIG MPX Copperhead: the weapon’s recoil (singlet version) has been decreased by 15%.
  • The main screen theme has been replaced with a festive one.

Bug Fixes

Weapons and Gear

  • SIG MPX Copperhead: fixed a bug, due to which only the right weapon (double-wield version) sometimes appeared in the character’s hands when picked off the ground.
  • AUG A3 9mm XS Custom, Fabarm STF 12 Compact (all versions): fixed a bug, due to which the weapons had no sounds.
  • Moray SPAS-12 Special: fixed a bug, due to which the weapon’s characteristics differed from those of the regular version.
  • Hidden War Saiga Spike, Tigerstripe Mateba Autorevolver, Particle QSZ-92: fixed a bug, due to which the weapons’ rarity differed from that of the regular versions.
  • Fixed a visual bug, due to which some weapons dropped no shade.
  • Enchanted Khopesh: fixed a bug, due to which the weapon was displayed incorrectly in the first person view.


  • “Oil Depot Convoy”, “Phantom Zone Convoy”: fixed a bug, due to which playing on the maps did not count towards the progress of the original map achievements.

PvE and SpecOps

  • Engineer Training mission: fixed a bug, due to which it was impossible to select the claymore if the player equipped it before the corresponding stage of the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the turrets in the “Sunrise” SO dealt no damage to the player.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which, when playing as SED, the weapon's heat indicator was incorrectly displayed in some special operations.


  • Updated some in-game interface and item icons.
  • Updated localisation: fixed some in-game and item descriptions, fixed some inconsistencies.

See you in game!

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