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2023-08-22 11:51:57


The "Treasure Hunters" season is in full swing, and the team has prepared a new large-scale update. The key feature of the patch is a new event "Expedition" with the "Brawl" mode. The mode offers several changes, a progressive showcase and new rewards including the Sticky Grenade. Savvy?

Event Screen

Event Progress

On the event screen, you'll see a progress bar with three check-points. A new check-point will unlock at the beginning of the event, at the start of the second and of the third weeks of the event.

By completing the event contracts, you'll earn event points and fill in the progress bar. Once your progress reaches a check-point, you'll get a thematic reward:

  • A pistol for 500 event points,
  • A weapon charm for 1,000 event points,
  • A knife for 1,500 event points.

What are the event rewards?

Among the event rewards, you'll find weapons of the new "Relic" series including the HK433, Kalashnikov USA KHAOS, Beretta PMX and OTs-48K MK2 as well as thematic achievements. To get the weapons, you'll need to collect special cards by purchasing them in the event showcase for Black Market Coins.

Once the event is over, all Black Market Coins will expire. Don't forget to spend your savings!

Updated Showcase and its Progress Bar

A further novelty of this season will be an updated showcase.

How does it work?

  • Use a special button to refresh the items in the showcase. The button is activated with the event currency.
  • The showcase is automatically updated every day.
  • By using Black Market Coins, you can refresh items in the showcase. Each refresh activation adds to the progress bar.
  • When 100% is reached, you'll get an exclusive offer to get one of four valuable items for free.
  • After making your choice, the other items become no longer available, the progress bar resets, and you can fill it up again and reach a new offer.
  • The amount of offers in unlimited.
  • The items for special offers are chosen randomly and may repeat.

What are the rewards?

In the showcase, under one of the cards, you'll always get items that you can take for free. Among such items are cards for the new "Relic" series and parts. Under the other cards, you'll find content from the previous updates. The price reduction varies and can reach 40%, all items can be purchased for the event currency.

To get weapons of the "Relic" series, you need 1,200 cards of the model that you are interested in.

About the PvP Mode "Brawl"

The mode is available on two PvP maps: "Ruins" and a new map "Port"

To win, one of the teams will need to score 350 points, before their opposing team does. If this doesn't happen before the timer runs out, the team that scored the most points wins. But to achieve victory, you will have to fight in pretty unusual conditions with the help of power ups that can completely change the course of the game!

"We decided to reduce the impact of the random factor on the match scenario to make the game more comfortable. So now, it'll be more predictable which power ups will spawn next. Two identical power ups will appear simultaneously in pairs," Senior Game Designer.

Power Ups

If you're quick enough, you'll be able to pick up special boosters that will give you truly incredible abilities and turn you into one of the special classes:
  • Rocketman. You get a rocket launcher with an unlimited number of ammo that recovers over time. You'll still have your regular weapon and get additional protection from explosions.
  • Pyro. You get a flamethrower and a Molotov cocktail.
"We thought that it'd be more logical and fun to protect the Pyro from the hellish fire he spreads. So we've designed a new stat that prevents this class from being damaged by the flamethrower or the Molotov. In the same way, Ninja will no longer die after jumping too high," Senior Game Designer.
  • Juggernaut. You will become the owner of a heavy machine gun with an unlimited supply of ammo, but you will lose your mobility, and you won't be able to slide, run, jump, squat and help allies double-climb. Your only weak spots left will be your head and the reactor on your back.
  • Ninja is the complete opposite of the Juggernaut. All your weapons are replaced by a single Katana with increased specs. In addition, your mobility is multiplied by increasing your running speed and the duration of your sprint. You get the ability to climb taller objects without allies' help, and the noise from your footsteps is reduced.
"In certain cases, powered up players could become almost immortal when teammates healed them or restored their armour. We've balanced that out as we consider power ups a good survival boost on its own," Senior Game Designer. 

In the event, we've added two new power ups. 

  • Gunslinger is a lone cowboy armed with a powerful revolver that rewards his marksmanship with an instant reload.
  • Grenadier wields the boosted version of the M32A1. This is a unique weapon, for the first time available in PvP. The M32A1 is a powerful drum magazine grenade launcher that allows the Grenadier to pour a rain of explosives on opponents. Launch six deadly grenade shots at a time to eliminate any opposition! 

PvE Part of the Event

By completing the "Anubis", "Operation Blackwood" and "HQ" special operations, you can complete a special contract that will reward you with event currency and black market coins. By completing the contract, you will also contribute towards the event progress!


Black Market Rewards

Sticky Grenade

This is a universal weapon that fits all classes. The Sticky Grenade will be a reliable assistant even in the most difficult situations and will help leave a mark on the battlefield. Check out more about the device in a separate article.

New Weapon Series "Treasure"

On the Black Market, you'll be able to acquire the new weapon series "Treasure" including the Cobalt Kinetics EDGE Rifle, Cobalt Kinetics Stealth Pistol, Sidewinder Venom and the Cobalt Kinetics Twenty-Seven as well as other cool items.

Event Contracts

Earn the event currency by completing the event contracts.


Take what ye can, give nothin' back!

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