Character bundles at a discount

2023-09-07 13:40:07


The “Legends” season may be over, but true legends never die! If you missed out on purchasing the three lore heroes and their respected items and weapons, then we’ve got just the deal for you!


The entire character bundles for Major Wharton, Ursula Ellis and Oberon White will be available at a 56% discount until 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST) on October 4th. Each bundle will contain the character skin, the main and secondary weapon, as well as the knife from their weapon series along with their skins, charms and unique achievements!

You will find these bundles in the game shop.

Major Wharton's Bundle
Ursula Ellis' Bundle
Oberon White's Bundle

Collect the legendary sets!

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Update - 07.09.2023
In this hotfix we've fixed a couple of bugs and visual issues.
2023-09-07 13:04:37
Ranked Matches: "Treasure Hunters" Season #2
The new season sports the standard progression and updated rewards: temporary weapons of the "Lucky Rabbit" series, a box with the Gothic Karambit, a Gothic Skin for the Karambit, as well as unique achievements and a Gothic Knight Charm.
2023-09-14 10:02:48

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