Agent Corsair Now in Game!

2023-09-22 15:35:14


Vincent Mercier always dreamed of the sea and played all possible games about ships. One day, Vincent escaped on a Moroccan cargo ship and became a sea adventurer changing ships and crews. In the end, Vincent's gang was caught by the military, and he himself went in search of new adventures as an agent Corsair.


Vincent grew up in a middle-class religious family. Parents dreamed of making a respected lawyer out of the boy, and Vincent himself dreamed of the sea. He constantly watched videos about navigation and played all possible games about ships. The conflict of interest grew into a long-term confrontation: the boy's parents deprived him of everything that could interfere with his studies, and Vincent found new ways to his dream.

Ultimately, authority prevailed over impulse, and young Mercier, under strict parental supervision, entered the law faculty of the University of Paris ... but on the very first day of his studies Vincent escaped on a Moroccan cargo ship. For several years, nothing was heard of him. One day, tanned and weather-beaten, Vincent returned to his home to visit his family. He hardly got a warm welcome. As a result, the young man was kicked out, but he still managed to explain himself to his parents to some extent.

After that, Vincent vanished. He changed many ships and crews, was taken hostage in Africa, almost ended up in prison in Indonesia, and eventually joined a small pirate cartel from Jamaica, in which he hunted for a long time in the Caribbean Sea throughout the central Atlantic. In the end, Vincent's gang was caught by the military, and he himself went in search of new adventures.

Agent Corsair Set

The "Corsair" weapon series represents the style and nature of Agent Corsair. Equip the themed guns to feel the spirit of adventure, sea salt and a cool ocean breeze. The weapon series includes the HK433, Mauser C96 Custom and the M48 Bowie Knife.

Are you a weapon charm collector? We haven't forgotten about you! You'll find a stylish new item in the Agent Corsair set. Decorate your weapons with this exquisite accessory!

The game now features new achievements for eliminating enemies with new weapon models designed in Agent Corsair's style. Defeat your enemies with "Corsair" arms and decorate your profile!

How can I get the novelties?

We've added contracts with the new content. Complete tasks to get "Corsair" weapons, boxes with the Agent Corsair suit, unique achievements, a weapon charm, and other useful items.

See you in the game!

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