PvE Event

2023-09-28 09:46:24


We're launching a new PvE event over the weekend. It is already live and will end on October 5th with the server maintenance.

By completing PvE missions on Normal difficulty, you'll be getting "Mauser C96 Custom" boxes. Completing the "Hard" CO-OP missions will grant you the Agent "STAB" boxes. Thus, you will have a chance to expand your inventory with great novelties!

Mauser C96 Custom

The Mauser is an excellent pistol model, boasting a high fire rate and damage that challenge even the more modern weapons. And by advancing your mastery, you can unlock unique mods, and customize the weapon to truly make this pistol yours.

Please note: Special Operations won't award you these boxes. The event is active only for regular PvE missions on the Normal and Hard difficulties. 

Good luck to you and see you in the game!

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