Celebrate Halloween in Warface!

2023-10-20 15:25:56


Join in on celebrating the spookiest holiday of the year with Warface! We've prepared loads of exciting activities: an in-game event, social media contests, increased rates and much more. Log in, gear up with the weapons and gear from the brand-new series, pick out your spookiest getup, and let's celebrate Halloween together!

Social Media Activities

We’ve also launched Halloween activities on our social media platforms! Take part in festive contests to get cool thematic prizes.

17.10 till 02.11

Retweet Contest. Retweet our tweet and follow our Twitter account for a chance to win a deadly gun from the "Zombie Grinder" series. 

13.10 till 31.10

Fan-Art Contest.  Create an original piece of art inspired by Warface and Halloween, post it in the #contest channel on our Discord server and get a chance to win a permanent shop weapon of your choice.

27.10 till 01.11

Trick or Treat  Claim your exclusive achievement on the #giveaway channel on our Discord server before the codes run out!

21.10 till 26.10

Kill the Cyborg. Join forces as a community and take down the cyborg over on our Facebook page to win thematic prizes for everyone!

23.10 till 31.10
All platforms

Pumpkin Hunt.  Keep your eyes peeled for pumpkins on our social media platforms! If you spot one in a picture, then there’s a special code hidden in the text. Enjoy the hunt and get prizes!


Have you ever wondered if you’d survive a zombie apocalypse? Well, it’s time to put those survival skills to the test! Stay alive or infect others in the PvP mode “Corruption” or earn event currency by completing special contracts and get thematic rewards.



Among the event rewards, you'll find weapons and gear from the new “Helheim” and “Brimstone” series, as well as thematic achievements! To get the weapons, you'll need to collect special cards by purchasing them in the event showcase for Black Market Coins. The Black Market offers unique achievements, weapon charms and weapon skins.


The Norse Hel may be ice-cold, but this series is flaming hot! It includes the PKM Zenit, Kalashnikov USA KHAOS, Beretta PMX, SVCh-54, helmet and gloves. Bring some real heat to the battlefield and leave a scorching mark in every enemy!


These burning stones pack a serious punch and will definitely let your enemies know that you should never mess with fire and sulphur. The series includes the IWI Carmel, HX Outdoors Trident, Kalashnikov USA Komrad 12 Gilboa Snake DBR, DVL-10 M2 and the Tactical Axe.


You’ll also have the chance to earn extra event currency using special contracts! There are several contracts for you to choose from, both repeatable and one-timers.

Increased Server Rates

If you want to save up WF$ or speed through gaining more Vendor progress and XP, then just log into Warface and play any mode! Every finished match will bring you more VP, XP and WF$.

Hurry to boost your performance and earn as much WF$, XP and VP as you can! Below, is a timetable of days with increased rewards:

  • from 15:00 UTC (17:00 CEST) on the 20th of October till 09:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) on the 23rd of October — +100% WF$, XP and VP;
  • from 15:00 UTC (17:00 CEST) on the 27th of October till 09:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) on the 30th of October — +100% WF$, XP and VP;

Let the spookiest time of the year begin!

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