Technical Issues Compensation

2023-11-16 13:16:07

Hi friends!

We've been going through quite tough times after the event update on October 19th. All this time, the team has been working hard on the fixes and delivering them ASAP. 

In the next update, we will be patching some reasons for the "Waiting for rewards data" issue. The game build with the fixes has already been uploaded for platform approval and will be installed as soon as we have the green light for it.

To make up for the technical issues, we decided to distribute the following items:

  • 5,000 Crowns,
  • Mega VIP Booster for 14 days,
  • Weapon Mastery Booster for 14 days,
  • 50 Resurrection Coins,
  • 1,000 Parts,
  • 50,000 WF$.

The compensation pack will be delivered to your account upon logging into the game from this moment until December 12th. 

Thank you for your patience, bug reports, and support! See you in the game!

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