"Winter Fest" Event Now in Game

2023-12-11 16:10:48

Happy holidays, friends!

The air has a special chill to it, decorations are popping up left and right, the only thing that seems to be missing… is a challenge! Join the Winter Fest, embrace the festivities and of course, get ice cool arms that perfectly fit the season.

New PvP mode "King of the Hill"

In this mode, your goal is to team up and capture and control special points on the map for as long as you can! The longer you hold down the fort, the more points you get, and the team with the most points takes the fruit cake. Easy, right?

How do the points work?

Around the map, you'll find several control points, but only one is active at a time. That active point is your team's target. You instantly capture the point if you step within the point boundary and there are no enemy players in that radius. If you or anybody from your team are present at the point after capturing it, the point is considered secured, and you get points for every second you remain king of the hill.

If the point you need to capture is under the control of the enemy team, you will first have to show them the door before the point can be captured again. And if both teams are present within the point boundary at the same time, the point becomes neutral and no one gets any points.

Who wins?

The team that scores the most points by the end of the match wins. The fight can end after the timer runs out, or after a team reaches 1,000 points. If the score remains equal, the battle will end in a draw.

Xmas Trailer Park

The PvP part of the event will take place on the festively redecorated XMAS Trailer Park map, added especially for the new mode. It has all the incidents for the perfect holiday cheer: snow, gifts, lights and lots of "Easter Eggs"! Can you spot them all?

PvE Part of the Event

For those who prefer to bring the snowdown directly into the operations, we've got just the option for you! Take part in the event and earn event currency by taking up the exclusive PvE contract and completing 3 Special Operations "Icebreaker", "Hydra" and "Swarm".

Event Screen

On the event screen, you'll see a progress bar with three check-points. A new check-point will unlock once enough event points have scored. You can contribute and score points by completing the event contracts!

Once your progress reaches a check-point, you'll get a thematic reward:

  • Hygge Gerber Tomahawk for 1,000 event points,
  • Yule Goat Charm for 2,500 event points,
  • Hygge Buckled Lupara for 5,000 event points.

Event Showcase with a Progress Bar

Just like in the Halloween event, "Winter Fest" offers a showcase with a reward progress bar.

Each refresh activation adds to the progress bar. When 100% of the bar is reached, you'll get an exclusive offer to choose one of four valuable items as a present. After making your choice, the other items become unavailable, the progress bar resets, and you can fill it up again and reach a new offer. The amount of offers is unlimited. The items for special offers are chosen randomly and may repeat.

What are the event rewards?

Among the event rewards, you'll find weapons from the new "Yule" series! To get the weapons, you'll need to collect special cards by purchasing them in the event showcase for Black Market Coins. The Black Market offers unique achievements, weapon charms and weapon skins.

"Yule" series

Yule is nigh and the gods of the old are back with a vengeance! Meet the winter solstice with guns blazing and be ready to dish out a feast! The series includes the SA Hellion, Beretta PMX, VEPR VPO-X3 and the OTs-48K MK2.

"Hygge" series

The design of this series whispers of festive fairy-tales, and the patterns on the arms provide a pinch of wintry magic. The series includes the SVCh-54, K&M Arms M17, GForce Arms Huckleberry and the Taurus CT9 G2. The weapons are available in Random Boxes in the game shop.

You better watch out!

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