Warface: Clutch Twitch Drops Are On!

2024-04-26 14:04:29

Hi friends!

We're joining forces with our content creators to help you earn free loot. Watch Warface: Clutch streams on Twitch.tv from now till 23:59 UTC on May 11th to get cool prizes. Rack up watch time and claim your drops!


What do I need to do to get the prizes?

  1. Log in on Twitch.
  2. Log in with the game account you'd like to get prizes to on the promo page.
  3. Click "Link with Twitch".
  4. Watch streams in Warface: Clutch category and collect your drops!

Link Your Twitch Account


Q: Where can I find the items?
A: They are sent directly to your in-game account.

Q: How many times can I get the rewards?
A: You can get the rewards only once per account.

What are the rewards?

Twitch Drops Prizes

Watching Time



For over 30 minutes

VIP Booster     3 d.

For over 1 hour

Balisong Knife "Idol"

For over 2.5 hours Resurrection coins 50 pcs.

For over 4 hours

Maxim 9 "Idol"     Permanent

For over 5 hours

Mastery Booster

5 d.
For over 7 hours

Blackwood Rifleman body camo

Blackwood Medic body camo Permanent
Blackwood Engineer body camo Permanent
Blackwood Sniper body camo Permanent

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