"Egg Hunt" Event Soon in Game

2024-03-25 15:54:19


Just hunting for eggs sounds a little boring, how about we add a real challenge? It’s time to team up, strategize, and outmaneuver your opponents to gather the most eggs, securing victory and unlocking exclusive rewards! Are you ready to hop to the top?

PvP mode "Bounty Hunt”

The "Bounty Hunt" mode is back with an egg-cellent twist! In this combination of "Survival" and “Team Death Match”, you will need to join forces to win, and each team member will have to watch each other's back to survive.

The fight will take place in a 6v6 format on the maps "Destination Modern", "Bridges Modern", and "Gas Station".

What’s the objective?

It’s simple: all you have to do is gather and keep more tokens by the end of the match, than the opponent's team.

Each player starts the match with one egg token. If a player dies, a token with a counter appears in their place: this is the amount of tokens they lost upon death. The player who picks those up increases their personal and the team's token counters.

Who Wins?

The team with the most tokens as the match ends wins. Only the egg tokens the players managed to pick up count towards the score, while those left over will be discarded.

What do I need to know about the tokens?

  • Upon death, you lose half of the tokens you collected. If you have only one egg token on the counter, it will drop after you’re eliminated. But when you jump back into the action, the game will automatically replenish one egg, just as it does at the start of the game.
  • If a player with one token eliminates themselves, their egg token will drop, but a new egg will not be issued until the player is eliminated by the hands of their opponents. To put it simply: you will not be able to help your team unfairly by exploiting this mechanic.
  • If you leave a match too early, you will lose all of your tokens.
  • Depending on the number of egg tokens dropped from a player, the colour of the eggs at the elimination site changes: 1–9 tokens— red, 10–14 eggs — purple, 15 eggs or more — gold.

This is what the tokens look like!

After an elimination, players will appear in enemy-free locations or close to their allies. The dynamic respawn points will make it impossible to "camp" the respawn location and allow players to freely move around the map.

The heat of the battle will go up once players on the map accumulate more than 20 eggs in their baskets! After that, their silhouettes will be highlighted in all locations and will even become visible through walls. Both allies and opponents will see this. Protect your teammates from the hunt for their tokens. If your teammates die and your enemies have time to grab their egg tokens, the outcome of the hunt may completely change in a matter of seconds!

What are the event rewards?

Among the coveted prizes are shimmering Golden guns that will add a touch of opulence to your arsenal. High achievers can also revel in thematic achievements and add a charming bunny-themed charm to their collection. Test your egg sense and claim these delightful prizes!

Event Screen

On the event screen, you'll see a progress bar with three check-points. A new check-point will unlock once enough event points have scored. You can contribute a paw and score points by completing the event contracts!

Once your progress reaches a check-point, you'll get a thematic reward:

  • Golden Egg Charm for 1,000 event points,
  • Golden Makarov Pistol for 2,500 event points,
  • Golden Katana for 5,000 event points.

Event showcase with a progress bar

Just like in the previous winter events, “Egg Hunt” offers a showcase with a reward progress bar.

Each refresh activation adds to the progress bar. When 100% of the bar is reached, you'll get an exclusive offer to choose one of four valuable items as a present. After making your choice, the other items become unavailable, the progress bar resets, and you can fill it up again and reach a new offer. The amount of offers is unlimited. The items for special offers are chosen randomly and may repeat.

Event contracts

This time around, there are way more contracts that you can activate daily! You’ll be able to take them up to score event points and currency. There are lots of quests and lots of rewards, so grab this challenge by the ears and stomp into the action!


Let the egg hunt begin!

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