New Progression System and Prestige Levels Soon in Game!

2024-04-12 12:21:39


A redesigned progression system with prestige levels and seasonal rewards will soon go live. At the same time, the vendor system will be removed altogether. Intrigued? Read on to learn the details!

About the System

The progression system is a linear character development throughout its in-game life. Previously, it included ranks and the vendor system that stimulated players to move on, reach new heights and receive various in-game bonuses for their success.

The old system was outdated, it was not interesting to develop the character. There were no new ranks, and the rewards for them were unattractive. Another significant disadvantage of the old progression was that it was difficult for a new player to understand.

We decided to change this by redesigning the system so that the player always had the motivation to level up, no matter what stage of the game they are currently at.

What has Changed?

Key Changes

The vendor system has been completely removed from the game. Instead, there is a new progression system tied to the character's rank (we have also increased the number of levels!). Players will advance in it by gaining experience received mostly at the end of the match.


  • The amount of experience required to reach certain levels has been revised - now, you will reach level 100 faster than rank 90 in the current system.
  • Some vendor system items are now available upon reaching certain ranks, while others have been completely removed as we consider them outdated.
  • Players unlock modes and classes via the progression system as well. As soon as the user reaches a certain rank, they will get access to particular classes and modes. This is the way the system works for new players. If you already have access to classes and modes when the new system appears, it will be preserved.
  • In addition, upon reaching certain ranks, the player will be able to choose a reward from several offered.
  • You can now track your progress in the "Progress" tab on the main screen while "Challenges" have moved to the "Profile" tab. 

How does it Work?

Levels and Prestige

It's simple - play, gain experience and progress. There are 100 regular levels and 900 prestige levels at your disposal (1,000 levels in total).

Regular levels are not reset. The amount of XP at any stage grows progressively, just the way it used to work in the old system. Only now there are 100 levels instead of 90.

It is possible to get prestige ranks until the active season is over. After it ends, you will not be able to reach new prestige levels until a new season begins. Each season will offer different prestige rewards to give you more incentive to level up.

Rank Icons

At each level of the regular progression, you will see a new icon next to your nickname. It will show everyone your progress. As for prestige levels, there are 5 icons with a digit indicating the current level.

Rewards for Ranks

Almost all rewards unlocked in the progression are received automatically - access is immediately granted, while items are sent to your Inventory. Rewards that can be chosen require confirmation in a dialogue window. It will pop up after you reach a level (or after a match, if the level is obtained in battle). You can't close it and choose later. If you start the next match or force the game to close, the window with rewards to choose from will appear again after the match or after logging into the game, respectively.

Main Prestige Rewards in the "Secret Lab" Season

The "Secret Lab" prestige season will be active until June 13th, 2024.

What will happen to my current level?

After logging into the game for the first time, the client will process your progress, and you will gradually receive all the rewards according to your current experience level.

For example:

  • if you had rank 20, in the new system, it will be saved - you will start from level 20;
  • if you had the maximum (90th) rank, it will be saved in the new system. Upon its implementation, you will not get a higher rank, regardless of how much "extra" experience you have managed to accumulate. You will have to level up to the maximum level (100) and unlock prestige levels.

You will keep the previously obtained Vendor items, they will be marked as received. No articles will be removed from your Inventory. New rewards will be added automatically, and you will get an opportunity to select items with an option to choose from.

Please note that to optimize the server load, you'll be gradually getting rewards for 10 levels at a time until you get all the rewards.

What do you think about the changes? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

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