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2024-05-20 15:36:13


MY.GAMES is hitting a major milestone with our 5th anniversary, and we're pulling out all the stops for an epic celebration! Except, we're taking the festivities straight to the Arena. Brace yourself for an unforgettable bash, pick your faction, plunge into the chaos of the "Brawl" mode, and seize those exclusive prizes! It's time to shake things up and enter the Anniversary Arena!

About the Event

The event is loaded with rewards, but first, you've got to pick your side: Warface or Blackwood. This will be the faction that you'll back throughout the event, but no worries – you can always switch sides if you fancy playing traitor. Once you're locked in, team up and go all out to rack up points for your faction!

The event consists of 7 timed stages. During each stage, you'll earn Event Points for your selected team. The faction with the most points at the end of each stage emerges victorious and takes the prize for that particular stage.

The faction that dominates the 7th stage will score a unique event themed achievement set.

PvP mode "Brawl"

The chaos-filled PvP mode "Brawl" is back with a vengeance, but this time the action will take place on the "Port" and "Yard 2.0" maps!

What's the objective?

Once the players are split into two teams, it's game on! Taking the victory means racking up 350 points before the opposing team does. If that doesn't happen before the timer expires, the team with the highest score clutches the win. But before you rush into battle – victory comes with a twist. As you'll navigate through some pretty unusual conditions, you'll pick up power-ups that'll turn the battlefield into a rollercoaster ride of surprises!

What do I need to know about the Power-Ups?

Get ready for an arsenal of power-ups that'll amp up your game! Among them, you'll find boosts to health, armour, and recovery, plus tweaks to your mobility. But beware – not all power-ups are created equal. Some might throw you a curveball, like stripping you of your trusty weapons when you least expect it. But fear not! These power-ups also grant incredible abilities and can even transform you into one of our special classes:

  • Rocketman: Equip a rocket launcher with unlimited ammo that regenerates over time. Plus, enjoy added protection from explosions without sacrificing your primary weapon.
  • Pyromaniac: Unleash fiery chaos with a flamethrower and Molotov cocktail combo.
  • Juggernaut: Take control of a heavy machine gun with endless ammo, but in exchange, your mobility takes a hit. Prepare to sacrifice agility for firepower, as running, jumping, and sliding become a thing of the past.
  • Ninja: Master the art of stealth with a deadly katana and enhanced mobility. Zoom across the battlefield with increased speed, climb taller obstacles solo, and reduce your footstep noise to a whisper. Plus, enjoy improved manoeuvrability with shortened slide durations.

Get ready to hunt down those power-ups scattered across the map – they'll alert you with a noise and even pop up on your minimap when up for grabs. But don't worry about accidentally stumbling into one; you’ll have to actively 'use' the power-up to nab it. Once obtained, each power-up dishes out a special ability that sticks with you until the end of the match. And as soon as you’ve been eliminated, that power-up becomes fair game for anyone bold enough to snatch it. Oh, and here's a pro tip: taking out an enemy packing a power-up scores you extra points. Just remember, you can only juggle one power-up at a time, so if you're itching for a new one, say goodbye to your old buddy!

Medical Supply

A new device for Medics called the "Medical Supply" has been supplied to the game! This device will soon become your trusty assistant on the battlefield.

Just like the "Armor Supply", this device can be kept all to yourself in PvP or shared with your whole squad in PvE. Just place it on a flat surface, use it, and you'll instantly recover 80% of your HP! And don't forget about mods – they can make you heal faster and give you extra bonuses:

  • Restores more HP.
  • Increases HP regeneration for a few seconds.
  • Increased equipment and placement speed.
  • +2 "Medical Supply" boxes.

Watch out, there's a new doctor in town!

What are the event rewards?

Among the coveted prizes is the "Rivalry" series – weapons crafted to embody the intense clash between the factions. Obtaining these weapons means facing the heat and chill of battle, but the rewards are worth it! The series features standout arms like the PA Garibaldi 12GA, STK CMCR, M1911A1, Magpul PDR-C, MTs-572 Astarta, and of course, the legendary Katana.

Charms and Achievements

By backing the victorious faction of certain stages, you'll unlock exclusive achievements and themed charms as rewards. Conquer the arena and prove your supremacy!

Event showcase with a progress bar

Just like in the previous events, "Anniversary Arena" offers a showcase with a reward progress bar.

Each refresh activation adds to the progress bar. When 100% of the bar is reached, you'll get an exclusive offer to choose one of four valuable items as a present. After making your choice, the other items become unavailable, the progress bar resets, and you can fill it up again and reach a new offer. The amount of offers is unlimited. The items for special offers are chosen randomly and may repeat.

Event contracts

Want to earn even more currency? No problem! Complete event contracts to boost your coin stash. With all those extra coins, you'll have plenty to treat yourself to the event exclusives!

Join the fray!

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