Celebrate Independence Day With Us!

2024-07-04 11:39:17


As Americans everywhere prepare to celebrate Independence Day with barbecues, parades, and fireworks, we’re bringing the festivities straight to the battlefield! Go all out for this 4th of July celebration; gear up with the exclusive “Liberty” series, test your might in the PvE event and enjoy the increased rates.

Festive Contract

Giddy up! This Independence Day, we're rolling out a stunning weapon camos series adorned with the iconic colours of the American flag. Each weapon in the “Liberty” series is designed to pay homage to the symbols and spirit of the United States.

A patriotic contract is now available in the game! Complete tasks to earn unique achievements, a honky-tonk weapon charm, and the ultimate reward: a permanent “Liberty” Metal Bat. This bat will help you score not only home runs but also kills! Whether you’re defending freedom or leading the charge, these novelties will ensure you’re the wildest bronco buster on the battlefield!

PvE Event

Dust off your boots, because more celebrations are underway! We've launched a new PvE event, it’s already live and will end on July 11th with the server maintenance.

By completing any PvE missions on the Normal and Hard difficulties, you'll be getting Flamethrower Machete boxes! You’ll be able to get an unlimited amount of boxes while the event is live. Play, win boxes and deliver some hard hitting truths, preferably straight to the face of your enemies.

Increased Rates

It’s not fireworks, but it’ll do. Enjoy increased rates starting from the 4th of July, 15:00 UTC, until the 8th of July, 09:00 UTC! Bulk up on +100% WF$ and XP to snag all your desired rewards.

Freedom doesn’t knock, it rings!

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