PvE campaign in Warface: Global Operations

2020-09-18 07:39:46


Here is great news - the first story based campaign has been released in Warface: Global Operations, a mobile shooter of the Whalekit studio. Set off on an exciting journey to Afghanistan and grab heaps of awesome rewards upon its completion!

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Operation "Broken Spear"

You will set off on a mission to a mysterious ghost town in the Afghan hinterland and discover the reasons why the local population flees the region and civilian aircraft disappear in the area. The campaign consists of several 10-minute stages and requires well-coordinated teamwork. On the path to victory, your squad will face numerous Blackwood forces including riflemen, snipers, melee soldiers, turrets, heavy gunners and even a SED boss.

Especially for the new mode, the developers have added 6 sets of unique weapons and equipment to the game. The items have four levels that can be unlocked by completing the raid on various difficulties. Their specs and design will differ from the PvP equipment; moreover, the top level guns and gear can be used in the PvE campaign as well as in PvP combats.

More interesting details

Warface: Global Operations has undergone significant changes since its release. After carefully studying the feedback and suggestions received during the launch phase, the development team added many new features to the game.

  • PvP modes "Bomb" and "Free for All".
  • PvP maps "Italy" and "Pripyat".
  • Ranked Matches.
  • "Brawls" - combats with the rules changing every day.
  • Possibility to slide and crouch.

The weapon and equipment line-up has been significantly expanded; and fans of hardcore combats can disable auto-shooting and aim assist.

At the moment, Warface: Global Operations offers only one operation "Broken Spear", but the project team is already working on new missions and mode improvements!

Have a nice game!

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