Soon in game: Contract system

2020-09-18 08:54:28


An update will soon be installed on the Warface servers. Its main feature will be the system of contracts. This new functionality will make combats more interesting and enjoyable because completed contracts will yield even more useful rewards!

What is a contract?

A contract is a series of tasks with specific conditions. To complete a task, the player will need to kill a certain number of enemies, win in a certain mode, or get the required mini-achievement.

Different contracts are related to different game aspects. You will not have to do PvE missions if you are a PvP fan and vice versa. In addition, there are class-specific contracts; while fulfilling them, you can show your skills to the full in different combat situations.

At the moment, the game features one-time and repeatable contracts. Upon completion of a one-time contract, the player cannot activate the same one again. Repeatable contracts can be reactivated immediately upon completion.

How can I get it?

Contracts can be bought in the contracts tab for various in-game currencies or obtained for free. The content of the contract and the reward vary depending on the chosen currency and value.

If you do not want to spend time on a contract, you can complete it ahead of schedule for Kredits.

Important: there is no limit on the number of active contracts, but it is impossible to activate two identical contracts.

What are the rewards?

Upon completing the task, you will receive one of the following items:

  • in-game currency;
  • XP, VP and VIP boosters;
  • consumables;
  • grenades and claymores;
  • permanent weapons or gear.

Completion of a full contract will grant you a more valuable reward: themed weapons, Crowns or a VIP booster for a longer period. Thus, by completing just one contract, you can get a lot of useful things and increase your combat effectiveness!

All items received for completing tasks and contracts will appear in your Inventory.

You are in for a great adventure!

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