Agent "Taishan" already in game!

2022-10-07 12:21:20


The new agent is already available in the game! Wei Li aka agent "Taishan" has joined the ranks of fighters in Warface. Wei Li is a medical professional with a passion for mountain climbing.

The new Agent is part of the seasonal update "First Division". Learn more about the new season in a dedicated publication.


Wei Li was born and raised in China, in the mountains of the Sichuan Province. During his childhood, he became seriously interested in mountaineering and won several local and worldwide championships. Naturally, he also did his military service in the highlands, and after finishing his conscription service he continued serving on a contract basis. He then transferred to the assault unit of a Chinese PMC, where he served for another two years.

Wei Li's talents came to light during his military service when, after a severe earthquake, his unit was sent on rescue missions in isolated mountain villages. Wei was the only one who could get to the scene and single-handedly took out a dozen of civilians from under the rubble. He would later demonstrate knowledge about the mountains and his ability to pass through them that even the best trained special forces could not compare to him. During his relatively short military career, he completed many dangerous missions around the world, but eventually decided to retire and went to work at a rescue service. He works there to this day, saving climbers amateurs from stone traps and rescuing villages caught in avalanches.

But Wei's military past still clings on to him; he has been approached with tempting contracts and even threats. He was kidnapped twice, in the hopes that that would "encourage" him to return to his previous work. Of course, nothing ever came of it, and Wei kept escaping from the unlucky employers back to his home rescue station. But eventually he had to take up a weapon once again.

Please note that the current agent's name in the game will be changed for the correct one "Taishan" in one of the upcoming updates. 

Watch the trailer to learn the agent's story:


Agent "Taishan" Set

The agent set includes cool weapons from the "Avalanche" series: the V3 TAC-13, TEC-9 and Karambit.

Here's good news for weapon charms collectors: you can find a new item in the agent pack - decorate your weapons with this brand new accessory!

The game now features special achievements for kills made with the new weapon models and unique achievements set in the agent's style. Destroy enemies with "Avalanche" weapons, earn thematic achievements and decorate your profile with them!

New Contracts

We have added agent content contracts - complete tasks to get "Avalanche" weapons, a box with the Agent Taishan suit, unique achievements designed in the agent's style, an exclusive charm, and other useful items.

See you in the game!

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