PvE Event "Banshee"

2022-10-13 07:53:20


To shorten the waiting time for the upcoming large-scale seasonal update, we're launching a new PvE event. It is already live and will end on October 27 with the server maintenance.

UPD: The event will get prolonged for 3 days.

By completing PvE missions on Normal and Hard difficulties, you'll be getting "Banshee" boxes. Thus, you will have a chance to expand your arsenal with great weapons — the Makarov Pistol and the Katana!

Makarov Pistol

A soviet semi-automatic pistol, developed by an engineer, Nikolay Makarov. Taken into exploitation by the military in 1951. Thanks to its simplicity and reliability, the pistol is still in armies all around the world.


A long, curved sword with a one-sided blade and a straight, two-handed grip. This melee weapon is powerful enough to kill an enemy using Corundum gear with a single hard strike!

Please note: Special Operations won't award you these boxes. The event is active only for regular PvE missions on the Normal and Hard difficulties. 

Good luck for you and see you in the game!

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