Season "Treasure Hunters" Now in Game!

2023-07-27 13:08:14


The fresh seasonal update "Treasure Hunters" offering a new Battle Pass season as well as a pack of bug fixes is live.

New Content

Content Changes

  • Molotov, Throwing Tomahawk: added special achievements.
  • The loading screen has been replaced with its seasonal version.

Other Changes

Bug Fixes


  • Swarm: fixed a bug due to which the flamethrower didn't deal damage.
  • Medic Training: fixed a bug that made it impossible to complete the training.
  • Improved game client stability.

Weapons and Gear

  • S&W Survival Tanto Blade: fixed a bug due to which the weapon had no hitting sound.


  • Fixed some localization errors and inconsistencies. 

Enjoy your time in the game!

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