Agent Sierra Now in Game!

2023-07-28 13:10:18


A new agent has joined the ranks of operatives as part of the "Treasure Hunters" season. Maria Alvarez aka Agent Sierra is a living legend among smugglers — she brings people across the Mexican border. She has only two principles: not to get involved in drug smuggling and human trafficking.


Maria was born to a poor Mexican family. Her parents barely made ends meet, but still managed to raise some money in a few years to pay the guides and try to illegally move to the United States. But on the night when the Alvarez family was crossing the border, a terrible storm broke out, and almost everyone who was with Maria died. Maria survived by a miracle and was adopted by distant relatives from New Mexico who helped her to obtain legal status.

Maria spent all her free time working as a volunteer helping fellow citizens who like her were able to illegally cross the border get settled. A little later, she began to help them in this risky business, and in a few years, she helped hundreds of people emigrate from Mexico. She was charging much less than other guides for her services, and she did not have a single serious incident. Her rivals in this dangerous business (among whom were those who once brought her family across the border) started hunting Maria, but she managed to slip away every time.

After a time, Alvarez began to smuggle not only on the US-Mexico border but throughout the region. The constant threat from rivals and law enforcement officers made this once kind and warm-hearted girl tough. She became cold-blooded and rough and had only two principles: not to get involved in drug smuggling and human trafficking. This is also why she has become a real living legend among smugglers.

Agent Sierra Set

The weapon series "Smuggler" embodies the style and nature of Agent Sierra. Camouflaged arms covered with woven leaves and vines have an original design that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of smugglers and the wild jungle. The weapons series includes the Taurus CT9 G2, M1911A1 and the KA-BAR Kukri Machete.

Are you a weapon charm collector? We haven't forgotten about you! You'll find a stylish new item in the Agent Sierra set. Decorate your weapons with this exquisite accessory!

The game now features new achievements for eliminating enemies with new weapon models and unique spoils of war designed in Agent Sierra's style. Defeat your enemies with "Smuggler" arms and decorate your profile!

How can I get the novelties?

We've added contracts with the new content. Complete tasks to get "Smuggler" weapons, boxes with the Agent Sierra suit, unique achievements, a weapon charm, and other useful items.

See you in the game!

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